color portrait of arkansas fashion model jade lepkoksy showing red lips and green eyes in warm rembrandt shadow lighting
March 18, 2023

I used to hear, growing up, that a picture doesn’t lie.

That’s not true.

From lighting to composition, background to color choices, and everything in between, photographers have a bottomless bag full of ways to steer viewers towards a particular conclusion about a subject, and that’s before we add AI into the mix.

In truth, it is quite easy to make a camera lie.

More commonly, though, the camera is used to misrepresent.

Your portrait is a representation of you. For me to make your portrait, it must be something true.

What I strive do do in making portraits is to find the most honest expression of your self in the moment: the truth of who you are, today.

I want you to be seen. As you are.

I can’t just hold up a camera and find that, though. 

Fulfilling that goal requires that we work together, collaborate, and discern. I will be your guide, but in the end, we can only capture what you are willing to reveal.  

If you want to start on that process, fill out the questionnaire, below. 

I’ll read what you share and reach out to you with the next steps.

A couple notes:

1. For the time being, I’m not traveling; all portraits will be taken in my studio in a restored Queen Anne mansion, built in 1895, in downtown Little Rock.

2. I am currently not charging any fee or commission for portraiture work, if the subject is a Drag Performer/Artist, an adult who identifies as Queer (LGBTQIA+), or adults with Down syndrome who would like their own formal portrait.

Please let me know if this applies when you fill out the form below.

The commission/fee for all others depends on a lot of factors, ranging from the types of images you are looking for, to how you plan to use them, etc.