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A Year of Photo & Haiku (January 2023)

On New Year’s eve, 2022, I read about a pretty cool project idea – a year of haiku. The idea was simple – one haiku a day for a year; the author of the article made a pretty compelling case for the creative benefits of such a practice.

I am not much of a poet, but haiku seemed within my reach.

I started publishing them as Instagram stories on my primary Instagram page – they are still there as a Story Highlight – in the event it didn’t “take” the attempt would just evaporate into the internet.

Well, around the 3rd week, I realized I was having a lot of fun.

So I decided to up my game.

Each day for the rest of 2023, I am going to post a picture a day, along with a Haiku.

I added two rules:

  1. The theme for the photos and haiku will be “Seeing Arkansas.” More on that as I go.
  2. I will use one camera: my Sony RX-100 mk3.

Below you will see the posts from January 2023. Click here to see the main project page.

You can follow the project in several places.

First, you can follow the daily photograph and year of haiku project on my “Arkansas Today” Instagram and “Arkansas Today” Facebook pages.

Second, you can add your email address below, and I’ll let you know when I update the galleries (probably about once a week or so).

I’d love your feedback and participation along the way. Please feel free to tell me how the photographs impact you, and feel free to add verses to the haiku wherever they appear – below in the comments, or on social media.

Click on the first photo to see the complete photos in gallery format.

Haiku and a Photo: Day 1 to 32

(January 2023)

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