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2022: Step into Nature.

I spent 2022 hiding in nature. I walked, ran and biked nearly 1100 miles in 2022, most of it around the Arkansas River near Little Rock, most of it carrying my camera every day.

There is something about the land here that speaks to the soul. I can feel it on the River Trail and Petit Jean, Mts. Nebo and Magazine.

Someday, I hope my photographs will explore that feeling in the land of Arkansas.

I wasn’t able to do that this year. Not ready to try something that big.

Instead, I tried to do something a little simpler. A foundation, if you will.

You won’t see any sweeping vistas of the landscape; no hyper-focused closeups of wildlife. And only a couple super-saturated sunsets. I mean really, who can resist those?

My goal is not to have you “ooh and aah” over the near mystical beauty of the land in Arkansas; other photographers fill that bill, and do it better than I ever could

Instead, I tried to do capture scenes that you could step into. I hope for you to be able to pause, set your toils and trials down for a moment, and step into these scenes.

I don’t know that my photographs achieved that goal; I am very much still learning how to see what I see, first.

But give it a try.

Worst case scenario, you spend 5 minutes seeing our beautiful world.

Click on the first photo to see the complete photos in gallery format.

Best of 2022 – Step into Nature.

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