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This was a busy week, with political campaigning following fast on the heels of Halloween.

I’ve taken a lot of photos of my youngest son.

We went trick-or-treating, spent the week together while he was home sick from school, and went out doing block-walking for a local political candidate whose campaign and candidacy means a lot to us.

I’m not going to post many more pictures of my son – he’s of the age where he is starting to define his identity, and I don’t want my photography to interfere with that.

So instead, I want to look at the color blue.

The color blue has been on my mind this week.

Crisp fall air tends to make the blue sky feel more saturated. Blue and red political signs pepper the landscape on the eve of a midterm election.

I went back through my photos this year, and pulled out some of my favorite shots dominated by the color blue.

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