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Political yard signs in Little Rock.

I took another long walk on Friday morning – 12 miles this time.

I was inspired by the Photowalk podcast to take my camera along on my walks.

I started in Dunbar Historic neighborhood before sunrise, still shivering as I passed the Capitol and 7th street mural before weaving through Woodruff on my way up to Hillcrest.

I followed Kavanaugh, Evergreen and Mississippi on a steady trek to and through Midtown, before crossing back into Oak Forest & University Park. I ended the walk in sections of Hope and Central neighborhoods I’d not yet walked.

Early on, I found a subject to photograph on the walk.

A set of signs placed in front of a memorial to the victims of violence in Little Rock got me thinking about political yard signs.

I thought about how we use and display them. I speculated what they tell us about the homeowners, and what the homeowners who display them tell us about the candidates. I considered their impact on our surroundings, environment, and attention.

This is not a commentary on any particular candidate or campaign.

Click on the first photo to see the complete photos in gallery format.

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