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Gender Norms.

Gender norms are taught; they are not an innate part of who we are.

Society does not exercise a one-way influence on our identity, or on gender norms. In fact, cultural ideas can NOT endure without support from the individuals in a society.

Individual people, therefore, can influence, shape, change and reject gender norms.

When we reject conventional ideas of what behavior or action or roles are proper for the male or female members of our society, we can provoke changes in the cultural expectations.

Said more simply, by challenging gender norms that make no sense, by embracing our identities irrespective of what our parents’ generations defined as “gender-appropriate” we can create a more inclusive, and gender-unencumbered society.

If you identify as male, or are perceived as male, paint your finger and toe-nails.

The breadth of gender norms, and how they have been sexualized, will become readily apparent to you in a matter of hours.

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