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6/18/2022: Juneteenth 5k.

I usually run races towards the front, trying to set a new PR or maintain a certain pace. 

The front of the pack at a race is competitive and intense – each runner focusing on themselves and their own performance.

With this new heart condition, I can no longer run for speed, pace or endurance. Im running, now, forvthe view and the overall experience.

And so at yesterday’s Juneteenth 5k, put on by the Mosaic Templars of Little Rock, I found myself walking towards the “back of the pack.”

I found there a crowd that was diverse: families running together, white and Black and Latinx and AAPI, straight and gay, CIS and trans, people with disabilities pushing through the course one step at a time.

What I don’t know is whether that fun, interactive, family environment is how it always is at the “back of the pack,” or if the Juneteenth 5k is a rare running race where community trumps competition.

In all honesty, it felt like the latter.

“The Story we tell” Project.

This photo is part of my ongoing project ”The story we tell.”

My goal is to carry my camera throughout the day, and share the picture that best represents the life I feel lived that day.

Click here to see the whole project.

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